the SIN factor

Your boudoir experience is only limited by your imagination. Whatever your vision is the the following add-on's are available to customize your session and optimize your experience.

During your consultation call we can discuss all options and add up to two options for your session. All add-on services are an additional $150 non-refundable charge that is required to be paid in advance of the session date.

There is something so sensual about a honey drip session. Maybe its the sweetness. Or maybe the texture is reminiscent of other similar carnal textures... whatever the reason honey drips add just the right amount of erotic to your session!

Drama and romance come together in a perfect blend with the neon light add-on! The lights can be used at all the various sets around the studio, so wherever the bold colors are desired to set the mood we can make magic!

Whether you want to channel your heavenly side, or your hellish side, choosing the wings add-on will be a revelation! Let your light, or darkness show and you will adore the images in your collection from this set! 

Yes, classic makeup is super sexy and fun... however, what if you added your own glittery flair on your body to really activate your goddess mode? This option never fails to produce absolutely magical results!

Choose from an assortment of spooky themed props (masks, coffins, fake blood, etc.) to create a sexy horror film of your very own!

body glitter


honey drip

neon lights


Canton, CT