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this type of photography has different meaning for everyone. Whatever the motivation behind wanting a session for yourself, just know that it is for every person who needs it. It is for every body shape, body size, every color, everything you love, and there is even room for your perceived flaws (because those are beautiful, too.) It exists to provide you a safe space to honor yourself, your body, mind, and sensuality.



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I don't know how to do my hair & make-up!

We have you covered! An amazing hair & makeup artist will work with you to create a look of your dreams right in the studio before your session begins!

I want to book a session, but I'm nervous!

Very understandable because you'll be vulnerable and that thought is unnerving! From the moment you arrive, your entire experience has been set up to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe, first and foremost! Your experience starts by getting your hair and makeup done, while we go through what you've brought, the different settings, props available to you, and all while talking, listening to fun and empowering music, and slowly easing into your shoot! We can talk about negatives in advance but once your session begins there is only positive self-talk and joy!

But what will I wear?

I encourage you to bring what you already have that makes you feel your most confident and sexy! For some, that includes lacy lingerie. For others, it could be an oversized sweater and a cheeky panty. You also have access to the client closet which includes items in most sizes, along with accessories and props! 

Its a little expensive... what are my payment options?

Boudoir sessions are the most amazing gift to give yourself! However, having the funds available to pamper yourself is not always possible. I want so much to create this empowering experience for you so I offer flexible pre-payment plans to accomodate your budget. The session fee is due at booking your session which will ensure that your date is saved. The payment plan will then enable you to make payments, in advance of your session, toward the package or a la carte items you want!

Can I bring a friend or partner to my session?

Your boudoir experience being enjoyable and comfortable are the ultimate priority! While a friend or partner may seem like an added comfort I have found that it adds extra distraction 

and takes away from the intimate one on one experience I have cultivated specifically for you. For that reason, with the exception of couple sessions, I ask that you come to your 

session alone. It will allow us to 

focus on you and unlocking your inner goddess!

You can photoshop that, right?

The short answer is, probably! What can't be photoshopped anymore! That being said, I will touch up anything that is relatively new such as bruises, cuts, and blemishes. The rest of you I would prefer to leave as perfect as it is. Your body is a gift, compiled from years of memories, accomplishments, lessons, and a life lived. We are going to celebrate every bit of it!

Canton, CT