Get to know me more!

I am a chaser of  happiness and the intoxicating feeling that follows taking a photograph for someone that changes how they feel about themselves. A photographer since I was eight years old with a point and shoot, aiming it at everything imaginable (a lot of Barbies), my passion has only intensified over the years. 

As someone who was not given much room to love myself growing up, I have spent the past decade removing negative self-talk and replacing it with love and admiration. Throughout this journey I've heard others speaking about themselves with that all-too-familiar negativity and I vowed to do what is within my power to hold up a more self-affectionate mirror for all.

Hi, Im Rebecca

Boudoir photography is not about a perfect body in lingerie; it is about existing in a space where you can break down your walls and feel confident and powerful in your skin.

Canton, CT