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Your reason for desiring a boudoir session is yours. Maybe you need to add some spice to your daily routine. Or maybe you haven't felt fearless and sexy in a long time, and you're feeling ready to step into your feminine power. Or perhaps you spend so much time taking care of others, you've deprioritized your self and you are unsure of how to find the person hidden deep inside buried under responsibilities and stress. Or maybe its a Tuesday and that's the only reason you need!

Whatever your impetus behind wanting to book a boudoir session the truth is that once you have the craving the fire will remain ignited!

The feeling of being sensual in front of someone else, even your spouse, can cause you to feel vulnerable. I totally get that! However, don't let that hold you back from booking your session. Boudoir is about reclaiming your confidence and the best place to begin your journey is in the company of another woman who found her power and wants more than anything to celebrate yours.

From the time you book your session your excitement will grow! Our planning meeting will plant the seeds of self-care and making yourself a priority. While the hair and makeup artist transforms you into your most glam self we will have so much fun, talk about all things on your mind, listen to empowering music, and do some exercises to remove any lingering tension or negative thoughts and ease into the best part! The boudoir space has been designed to be versatile, to explore movement, to let go of anything holding you back. You will be safe to process emotional wounds, release insecurities, and heal. Your body is unique and perfect including the perceived (and dated societal standard induced) imperfections and the scars that tell your story. The way you see yourself will transform and then the strength you feel with imbue you with a power that will extend its reach into every aspect of your life. 

Canton, CT